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Online Content & Presence

A note on pricing:
For all of the packages below, your goals for your business and your budget will determine the scope of the work involved, which in turn determines the price of the work. The prices listed below can fluctuate. The starting price is where we begin. Should you need more or less than what is included in the package, that price can be increased or lowered.

Please request a conversation with me so we can review your goals and set a price that both meets your needs and is within your budget. There is no obligation until a contract is signed.
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Website Makeover

  • Story-crafting (see Content Strategy below)

  • Replacing your existing website with a new one, with a new template or custom design

  • Setting up the Content Management System (CMS)

  • Setting up Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Software (CMS) training

  • Writing custom page content plus adding new images

Starts at $775

Website maintenance

  • Writing new page copy for existing pages

  • Editing copy for existing pages

  • Swapping out images

  • Writing and publishing / scheduling blog posts

  • New pages added with new copy

Starts at $275

Content Strategy (one-time service)


  • Outlining who you are as a brand and company

  • Defining your audience

  • Creating stories or story lines that match your company’s unique DNA, your customers’ shared needs and passions, and your culture; these are story lines you weave into all your communications

  • Story-crafting answers specific questions of brand identity and the values you hold through interviews and questionnaires that I provide to you.

Starts at $175


social media marketing (first-time set up)

  • Setting up social media platform accounts

  • Strategy consulting, using story-crafting (see above)

  • Setting up a content plan and calendar

  • Social media training

Starts at $475

Email marketing (first-time set up)

  • Setting up email management software (e.g. MailChimp)

  • Strategy consulting, using story-crafting (see above)

  • Entering data or importing email lists into the software

  • Setting up the email template or providing a custom template

  • Setting up a content plan and calendar

  • Email software training

Starts at $575

Ongoing Fresh Content

Email marketing content

  • Copy writing for your email newsletter

  • Scheduling mailings

  • Maintenance of email lists

  • Tracking specific and measurable goals through analytics

  • Consulting on campaigns to drive new customers to sign up or to improve customer retention

  • Content planning and scheduling as needed for repeat campaigns or seasonal offerings

Starts at $250

Social Media Content

  • Copy writing for your social media posts

  • Scheduling posts for social media that tie into blog posts or other articles you publish

  • Customer service — responding to posts made through social media platforms

  • Tracking specific and measurable goals through analytics

Starts at $250


Campaigns with a timeline

  • Planning content to create buzz around your product or service, including services provided under ‘Content Strategy’ above

  • Writing fresh copy as needed

  • Tracking specific and measurable goals through analytics

Starts at $375

Disclaimer – Advertising is not part of my services. If you want to publish ads online, whether in Google or through the various social media platforms, I can point you to some services to use.