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— Cliff Hue

Happy Clients


From your style of writing and familiarity with presenting content across a variety of platforms (web, signs, print), I could always turn to you for examples of how I could improve my own work. Thank you for that. You also collaborated with so many different types of people and teams and it showed in your confident communications to the full spectrum of audiences. You had great relationships with colleagues and customers. You knew your audience and how to talk to them, in turn they knew you and had confidence in your message.

— Kris, digital communications

You've made such a difference in my life. Your warm support, your creative ideas, your accountability all have helped me to jump forward in the way I think about my abilities and freelance work. It all really IS a great adventure, and there's no need to be intimidated by the unknown.

— susan, science writer

Monique is collaborative, intelligent, a listener, open-minded, and organized. She’s a skilled writer; able to communicate about technical topics to a general audience. She is able to understand, improve, and document processes. She’s also a diligent and caring worker, no matter what task is being tackled.

— Chris, digital communications manager

From Stew Berman

From Jen O’Callaghan

— jen, community engagement manager

From Sarah Korval

From someone else.

On interviews, since you and I did our coaching work, I was able to know exactly what I wanted in a job and not beat myself up because I “should” want or accept something else. I referenced the work we’d done in cover letters and during interviews (and often heard “wow, I should work with a career coach!)

— Jen, exec. Assistant