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  • I provide a comprehensive coaching program that can be customized to fit your specific situation
  • Receive support and gentle guidance
  • Clarify your values and strengths
  • Identify roadblocks and challenges
  • Set goals and make decisions
  • Take bold and practical action steps

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through LIFE's challenges

  • Feeling numb about life or are just not really happy?
  • Totally stressed out?
  • Find it hard to say no?
  • Feel life is always a challenge?
  • Stuck in first gear, or feeling you never got out of the starting gate?
  • Lost touch with yourself?
  • Aren't fulfilling your own needs?

through CAREER transitions

  • Feel unfulfilled in your work life?
  • Don't have enough time for yourself or the things you love?
  • Not using your unique set of skills and talents?
  • Still dreaming to do something amazing and impactful?
  • Feel unsure about what to do next?