COACHING options

INDIVIDUAL COACHING: I work with you one on one, either via Skype, phone or in person, depending on your location. Generally, sessions are an hour each, and we meet three times a month. Pre-paid packages are available for up to 12 sessions. Fees are customized according to individual needs and payments are made in advance. 

SMALL GROUP COACHING: I work with up to 3 people in smaller group settings, when all individuals have the same topic to be coached on. Groups may live or work together. Fees per session can be split among participants.

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I am trained and certified as an Integral Coach {what is Integral Coaching?} and have engaged in coaching and personal development for almost 10 years. I am continuously studying, learning and improving my understanding and skills in the areas of personal growth, mindfulness, and how our thoughts control us.

My passion for this work comes very much from life experience. At mid-life, I realized I could either: continue to stay safe, keep my life very small, and not make waves, or... I could discover what makes me uniquely me and offer my gifts to the world. Through coaching, I learned to bravely be who I am, which is why this work means so much to me. 

As a coach, I will listen to you, offer a judgment-free zone, respect you, and put you at ease.  

  • I will listen closely to how you interpret yourself, how you make sense of your world, how you narrate your life. Your story, the role you play, and the language you use are clues.
  • I will pay close attention to what shows up in your body. I may invite you to do somatic work, to get you to physically move beyond your comfort zones.
  • I will help you design a personal development plan to move you forward, to become more present and less reactive, be more connected to yourself and others, and to give you more joy, courage, freedom, and capacity.

These are just some of the steps in our journey together.

Are you ready to unleash your own wild and powerful life? 

How coaching works


The first time we talk, we get to know one another with the purpose of determining whether we want to establish a coaching relationship. In this free, introductory session, we will explore the coaching topic and what you would like to get from coaching. I ask questions to get to know you, and to get an idea of your impediments, what support you will need, what expectations you have, what you have tried, and what you might not be seeing about yourself.


Should we decide to work together, I will create a personal development plan that includes my assessment of you and where you stand in relation to the coaching topic. The plan can include practices, exercises, support and resources designed to: open possibilities of being in your life, help you access your essential strengths, and increase awareness and consciousness of what holds you back or moves you forward. We design this plan together, deciding on its structure, including how long it will take, what I will ask of you, what you can expect from me, how we will decide if the plan is working, what you can expect to experience as coaching progresses, and what support looks like.


For however long as agreed upon, we meet on a regular basis, with the intention of reviewing the plan, the progress you are making, whether you are experiencing blocks and how to move through them, and what kinds of support or insights you might need to take action. Check-ins between sessions are available.


To wrap up, we acknowledge the progress you made, we identify what continual practice or improvement looks like, discuss your commitment to your continuing growth, and address future potential interruptions in progress and how to deal with them. 


Coaching is never done. There will always be areas in our life that can be improved, that can be even better than they are today. My commitment as your coach is to be available as a resource and to help you to be the best you that you can be.