I also do Coaching


I coach professionals who want to create significant changes in their lives but are stuck in fear or uncertainty and doubt their greatness.

Do you want to start a business, or grow your existing business? Do you want to step into a new career or move up the ladder within your existing career? Are you looking to make a bigger impact on society or the world? Or do you just want to be happier with your life? 

my speciality is not just to help you find your dream or true passion... but to break it down into action steps so that you can actually make it happen.

I will guide you to your inner mentor, your wise self, so that you can find the answers and step into your greatness with confidence and courage.

I invite my clients to become deeply curious about themselves, to find out how they narrate their lives and which beliefs and habits keep them from becoming who they could be.

Clients who work with me will make visible and tangible progress towards their goals, find their strength and overcome excuses, fears and self-defeating habits.

You have one life to live. Are you ready to live it bravely? 


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kind words

I had tremendous career problems. Monique helped me by first deeply listening to me and validating my feelings about my career. She provided non-judgmental feedback by listing my strengths and focusing on them. I was struck by her powerful empathy. That, by itself, helped me a lot. Monique knows the right questions to ask for creating mind-opening answers. Her coaching method provided clarity on what part of work I enjoy and helps me feel alive. Having realized what I really would like to do, Monique helped me set realistic goals. These became my homework until the next meeting. It was a great experience because it exercised my self determination and motivation. And ... I also found a dream job!

~ Ania, nurse's aid

Monique has a deep thoughtfulness and makes that quality look easy. She sees and gets people. Her commitment to her work is beautiful. Her gift is her gentle power and her empathy. What strikes me is her compassion and devotion to being of service. And yet, she is one fierce woman.

~ Lindsay, coach

Monique is a first-rate coach! After working with her for 10 sessions, I made great progress on a book that I had wanted to write for years. Importantly, she helped me see what was impeding me all this time, without going deeply into psychological issues, which is perfect for me. Through coaching, I figured out ways to get around my procrastination and fear and saw the patterns that were holding me back. Monique gently puts you in the driver’s seat and treats you with full respect.

~ Paula, writer/editor