Small business support is caring

Donna from Organizing the Details knows that business owners need support "behind the scenes" and that sometimes they simply can't do it all themselves. Who wouldn't want to spend more time actually building their business, rather than being stuck in the weeds, feeling spread too thin, or realizing there's never time to step away and actually go on a vacation to recharge?

The illusion of control

The topic of women and power was brought up in conversation several times this past week. Power, in general, is one of those topics that can be controversial because everyone has an opinion about it. What is power, when it comes to female leadership? What is power, when it comes to women in business? What is power, when we’re trying to have a more human conversation with one another in the political realm while reaching across racial, economic or gender lines? Is power the same as control?

Following your dream

I’ve been thinking a lot about passion and living your dream life. It’s what I feel has been missing for most of my life. For yours, maybe, as well. I have a unique opportunity in my life at the moment to pursue my dream and make it a reality. I’m also drawn to people who are living their dream. Let me tell you about my friend Raya.

What is passion?

There’s a lot of talk about passion. “Follow your passion and the money will follow,” is a refrain I’ve heard time and again. Is this absolutely true? Actually, it is. But the key element here is to discover what your passion is. I have a few ideas about what passion is and how to find yours.

Do it your way

Advertising executives and copywriters all know that most purchasing decisions are based on emotions. The most successful ads work because they appeal to our desires, our fears, and sense of security (or lack thereof). You buy the thing being advertised, because you believe it will make you more wealthy, save you money, give you better health, advance your career, reduce your fear, entertain you, and so forth. These are important decisions that have thoughts and feelings behind them. Advertisers try to hook into those.

Out of stillness flows infinity

How about in the next weeks, with the spring coming just around the corner, you give yourself permission to say no. No more collecting. No more looking outside yourself for answers. Of course, there will always be things that come through, how can it not? But you don’t need to seek them out. You can either allow them in or say no. Enough. Get down to basics.

Good or bad content?

After deciding to put my coaching practice aside and focus more on my writing, I updated the content on my website. I wondered (in light of what that YouTube content expert was talking about) if I should also “fix” my blog. After all, I was no longer trying to reach people who were going through transition. I was now trying to reach people who wanted help with their online content.


When I read those diary entries now, the ones I wrote as a teenager and a young adult, I barely recognize myself. How could I have been so simple minded? How could I have been so out of touch with reality? The answer is clear to me now. The diary allowed me to cocoon myself, to protect myself against the harsher world. But it also prevented me from growing.

Know yourself and be true

The heart is so often left out of the equation in business, marketing and communications. We simply tell people what we want them to hear. Not what they want to hear, and not how they want to hear it. To know what they care about, you have to connect. And to connect, you have to be truthful, vulnerable, and real.