All in Whole-Hearted


When I read those diary entries now, the ones I wrote as a teenager and a young adult, I barely recognize myself. How could I have been so simple minded? How could I have been so out of touch with reality? The answer is clear to me now. The diary allowed me to cocoon myself, to protect myself against the harsher world. But it also prevented me from growing.

Know yourself and be true

The heart is so often left out of the equation in business, marketing and communications. We simply tell people what we want them to hear. Not what they want to hear, and not how they want to hear it. To know what they care about, you have to connect. And to connect, you have to be truthful, vulnerable, and real.

From the heart

I’ve been listening more to what I call my second voice: the one of compassion. My primary voice, the one that does most of the talking internally, is generally filled with criticism and harsh comparing. I no longer want to use or listen to that voice. I’m done with creating guilt and then acting from that emotion. I’d rather act from love and caring about myself and others.

The missing piece

So I’ve been on this long journey of self-discovery. And discovering myself, my true self, not the one others tell me I need to be more like, is the missing piece to the whole entrepreneurial adventure I’m on. It is so true that becoming who I want to be, the kind of person who will go out and make the world a better place, and make a living doing it, is all about self-discovery and self-development.

Soul wisdom

Self-discovery is how you begin to understand yourself and your place in the world. Knowing yourself provides a sense of wholeness, which increases your confidence. You stand stronger in your shows when you value and embrace your strengths as well as your weaknesses. You are more able to say no to what doesn’t match your values and say yes to what does.

Loving you

Who gets to decide that you are likable? If you want to do something, who makes the rules about whether it is right or not right? Even if (or especially if) what you are doing is an expression of who you are, especially if it comes from the heart, from an authentic place, why care if someone likes or doesn’t like what you did or what you like? 

Vision for 2018

We benefit so much from having a vision for our future. It works especially well when we keep that vision top of mind throughout the day, each day.Like resolutions, having a clear and accessible vision lets us live our life according to what is most important to us.