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Coach or counselor?

So many times now, I have heard people describe coaching incorrectly. Even on Psychology Today's website, I found that therapists, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners and social workers all claim they do life coaching. It's quite possible that they were trained in coaching methods, but these professionals are NOT coaches! 

Is your life running like a well-oiled machine?

Clients are not the same as small engines. But the approach to repairing an engine is similar to how I work with a client. As a coach, it's not my job to fix the problems my client brings to a session. In fact, not all clients use coaching to address a problem. Some clients simply want to get clear on the direction of their life. It is up to me to point out what I see. Coaching requires detective work to discover what keeps my client from moving forward in the direction they say they want to go.


It soothes me to think of myself and other people as simply wildflowers. I connect happiness to freedom, to being out in the world, doing what I am meant to be doing. The song, "Wildflowers," by Tom Petty embodies the kind of loving, free and carefree life that I wish all people could feel.