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Small business support is caring

Donna from Organizing the Details knows that business owners need support "behind the scenes" and that sometimes they simply can't do it all themselves. Who wouldn't want to spend more time actually building their business, rather than being stuck in the weeds, feeling spread too thin, or realizing there's never time to step away and actually go on a vacation to recharge?

The illusion of control

The topic of women and power was brought up in conversation several times this past week. Power, in general, is one of those topics that can be controversial because everyone has an opinion about it. What is power, when it comes to female leadership? What is power, when it comes to women in business? What is power, when we’re trying to have a more human conversation with one another in the political realm while reaching across racial, economic or gender lines? Is power the same as control?

Following your dream

I’ve been thinking a lot about passion and living your dream life. It’s what I feel has been missing for most of my life. For yours, maybe, as well. I have a unique opportunity in my life at the moment to pursue my dream and make it a reality. I’m also drawn to people who are living their dream. Let me tell you about my friend Raya.

The purpose of your life

Knowing your life purpose is big. When you have this one figured out, the littler ones take care of themselves. But if you are unclear about your purpose, other things become more difficult. If you don’t have this one defined, you will struggle with the littler ones, feeling uncertainty and a lack of direction.In a few weeks it will be 2018. Moving into the coming year with a clearly defined life purpose will change the whole way the year unfolds for you. So this is the time to get clear.

Pain Indicators

Pain is an indicator. Physical pain means we're out of alignment in our bodies. Mental or emotional pain means that our minds are not in alignment with our True Self, our heart's voice. Here are some suggestions for how to check in with yourself.


I get more inspired watching people being their best selves than by anything else I can imagine. When I see someone being truly genuine, and loving and giving and whole-heartedly expressing themselves and doing it really well, I just want to be in their presence. I want some of that “gold” to rub off on me.