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When you have nothing to say

It happens quite frequently that I get to that time in the week when I think about writing my next blog post and my mind goes blank. I have nothing at all to say. That’s ok. And maybe I actually do. One’s mind is constantly whirring, churning out conversations, fragments of thoughts, ideas or memories, dreams, visions, reminders of things to do.

Good or bad content?

After deciding to put my coaching practice aside and focus more on my writing, I updated the content on my website. I wondered (in light of what that YouTube content expert was talking about) if I should also “fix” my blog. After all, I was no longer trying to reach people who were going through transition. I was now trying to reach people who wanted help with their online content.

Why I write

Since around age 10, I wanted to be a writer. Even so, I thought I had nothing of interest to write about (which, of course, wasn't true). Rather than share my writing, I kept it all in diaries (journals). After returning to the US from a nine-year experience of living in Europe (in a tiny country called The Netherlands), I went to college and then grad school to earn degrees in English and Creative Writing. I still doubted myself as a writer.

From the heart

I’ve been listening more to what I call my second voice: the one of compassion. My primary voice, the one that does most of the talking internally, is generally filled with criticism and harsh comparing. I no longer want to use or listen to that voice. I’m done with creating guilt and then acting from that emotion. I’d rather act from love and caring about myself and others.

Kill your dreams

There's a well-known piece of advice for writers: "Kill your darlings." It might seem harsh, and killing your dreams may sound terrible. But there's a reason for doing it. What it means is that as a writer, you need to get rid of your most precious and self-indulgent passages for the greater good of your literary work.

Behind the curtain

Since the idea of working for myself popped into my mind, oh, almost ten years ago, I imagined doing what I’d seen my heroes doing: maintaining a popular blog to share my insights and advice and also share some of the pitfalls and challenges I experience on my journey to fulfilling my life purpose. Sharing things that others on a similar journey might expect to experience as well. But here was my problem. I had so many doubts about doing this.

Afraid to write

My life's struggle has been to share my writing. Fear of not being good enough, complete insecurity, a high doubt in myself, or that I had anything of significance to say all held me back. Yet, I want to be a writer and as long as I remember have wanted to be one. So I have to do what writers do: share my writing.