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What is passion?

There’s a lot of talk about passion. “Follow your passion and the money will follow,” is a refrain I’ve heard time and again. Is this absolutely true? Actually, it is. But the key element here is to discover what your passion is. I have a few ideas about what passion is and how to find yours.

The purpose of your life

Knowing your life purpose is big. When you have this one figured out, the littler ones take care of themselves. But if you are unclear about your purpose, other things become more difficult. If you don’t have this one defined, you will struggle with the littler ones, feeling uncertainty and a lack of direction.In a few weeks it will be 2018. Moving into the coming year with a clearly defined life purpose will change the whole way the year unfolds for you. So this is the time to get clear.


A quick overview of Essentialism, based on the book by Greg McKeown. What if you could live a life of meaning and purpose? What if you could live a life that you truly love? The biggest regret you hear from those on their deathbed is: “I wish I had had the courage to live true to myself, rather than what others expected of me.” This book on Essentialism helps you to figure out how to do that.