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Replacing detention with meditation

An elementary school replaced detention with meditation. They say the results are stunning. Instead of detention, they have a Mindful Moment Room, a brightly colored “oasis of calm” that looks about as far as you can get from the windowless detention rooms typically used to punish unruly kids. It’s part of an after-school program called Holistic Me, an initiative that teaches children to practice mindful meditation and breathing exercises while encouraging them to talk to behavioral professionals. The program works in partnership with a local non-profit called the Holistic Life Foundation, and the results so far have been pretty impressive. In fact, since first taking part in the program two years ago, Robert W. Coleman hasn’t issued a single suspension.

Happiness = reality - expectations

We've heard this over and over: be in the present. Forget the past, it's over. Don't worry about the future, there's only today. This message is more important than ever, as we get through the US presidential elections. What are you doing to stay sane? Here are some suggestions from the wise Wayne Dyer.