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What "Wild" can teach you

"Wild" is a story about transformation through endurance. It is about the letting go of doubts. It is about having an unbreakable spirit. It is about saying a fond goodbye to events and people in one’s past that are gone or who no longer serve. It is about straying, finding your way back to yourself and giving yourself permission to do so.

Becoming wise

My review of the book "Becoming Wise," by Krista Tippett. If there’s anything to take away from this book, is that we are all wise (or becoming wise), in our own way. But those who are most wise, are open to hearing, to listening, to being humble, and to being vulnerable. 


A quick overview of Essentialism, based on the book by Greg McKeown. What if you could live a life of meaning and purpose? What if you could live a life that you truly love? The biggest regret you hear from those on their deathbed is: “I wish I had had the courage to live true to myself, rather than what others expected of me.” This book on Essentialism helps you to figure out how to do that.

Being genuine

Non-violent communication (NVC) is a communication process developed by Marshall Rosenberg that helps people to exchange the information necessary to resolve conflicts and differences peacefully. NVC teaches skills for communicating in a way that respectfully expresses true feelings and the power of requesting wants without demands or force.