Good or bad content?

Good or bad content?

Last week I watched a video on YouTube of a guy who calls himself a content expert. I liked him, he seemed very sincere. He gives advice to business owners on how to “do content.” His advice included making sure that your content (read: “your blog, newsletters, social postings”) shows that you are the expert on the service or products you sell.

After watching the video, I began looking at the content on my own site. You see, I used to run a full-time coaching business and most of what I wrote for those two years were blog posts of the self-help variety — bits of inspiration that I came across, or which popped out of my own mind, and which I wanted to share.

Many of the posts I wrote were around courage and fear, because when you’re going through a transition in life, there’s always a lot of uncertainty and anxiety. I wrote a lot about what I was going through, relating to those feelings, as I was getting my feet under me as a brand-new entrepreneur.

now that I’m trying to reach a different audience...

After deciding to put my coaching practice aside and focus more on my writing, I updated the content on my website. I wondered (in light of what that YouTube content expert was talking about) if I should also “fix” my blog. After all, I was no longer trying to reach people who were going through transition. I was now trying to reach people who wanted help with their online content.

Since I am also putting myself out there as a content expert, I figured I ought to walk the talk. Those old posts no longer belonged on my website. I just didn’t think they were appropriate for my new freelancing gig as a writer and communications consultant.

I spent several hours trying to figure out how to export those posts over to a different blog, because I didn’t want them to disappear completely from the Internet.

After several hours, I gave up. The process wasn’t working (exporting to either a .csv or .xml file and uploading the file to the new site). A week went by and I had a chance to let the decision sit with me a while. It allowed me to gain a different perspective.

... Does it really matter what I write about?

I am a writer. I write what comes out of my head. I write what interests me and about things I obviously feel strongly enough about to put it out on the Internet where people can read it. If it’s that important to me, what does it matter what the topic is about? What does matter if it’s not “in line” with my expertise?

Those posts I wrote in the last 2 - 3 years are me. They came from me, they are about me, they show a side of me. There’s no reason that I can see that makes them bad content for my site. Eventually, as I write more blog posts, those posts will be pushed down and archived into earlier years. The more recent ones will get the most reads.

I’m fine with that. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wonders what to do with their old blog posts. Maybe people do decide to remove them. Some might simply repurpose them, maybe turn them into an e-book. I might still do that.

I decided to leave the posts on my website, even after the changes I made to the rest of the site. All I did is recategorize the posts so that if you want to read just about communication stuff, you can select that category. If you want to know about my own journey through a career change and starting a business, and the lessons I happily passed along, they’re there, too.

hey, There’s a human being behind that blog

I actually like it when people veer from their usual topics in blog posts. They might offer business advice on their site and keep most posts about that topic, but then decide in a blog post to get really personal and share something they struggled with that has nothing to do with business.

Or they have a passion about something completely unrelated to what they offer on their site. Maybe they loved a movie they saw, or a book they read, or a band they heard. They loved it enough to share.

I think it shows a human side to a person’s online presence when they do. It’s nice to know there’s actually a human being with a real life behind a website.

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Out of stillness flows infinity

Out of stillness flows infinity