Eagle or mouse?

We approach this problem of uncertainty backwards. Rather than place a small goal before ourselves and then figure out if we need any information or resources to complete that goal, we learn about EVERYTHING. Just in case, we should need any of that information at some later point. When we listen to what others know, we're deciding to let them set our agenda, rather than sticking with our own. Well, they say to do this. 

Soul wisdom

Self-discovery is how you begin to understand yourself and your place in the world. Knowing yourself provides a sense of wholeness, which increases your confidence. You stand stronger in your shows when you value and embrace your strengths as well as your weaknesses. You are more able to say no to what doesn’t match your values and say yes to what does.

Loving you

Who gets to decide that you are likable? If you want to do something, who makes the rules about whether it is right or not right? Even if (or especially if) what you are doing is an expression of who you are, especially if it comes from the heart, from an authentic place, why care if someone likes or doesn’t like what you did or what you like? 

Vision for 2018

We benefit so much from having a vision for our future. It works especially well when we keep that vision top of mind throughout the day, each day.Like resolutions, having a clear and accessible vision lets us live our life according to what is most important to us. 

Be weird

I really like this TED talk by JP Sears, a life coach who uses humor in much of his material. The message, which is to be weird by being yourself, is deliberately impertinent. He makes a point that provokes and sticks a finger in the eye of our inner demons. For me, they are my perfectionist, my pleaser and my hermit. 

The purpose of your life

Knowing your life purpose is big. When you have this one figured out, the littler ones take care of themselves. But if you are unclear about your purpose, other things become more difficult. If you don’t have this one defined, you will struggle with the littler ones, feeling uncertainty and a lack of direction.In a few weeks it will be 2018. Moving into the coming year with a clearly defined life purpose will change the whole way the year unfolds for you. So this is the time to get clear.