Loving you

Loving you

Who gets to decide that you are likable? 

If you want to do something, who makes the rules about whether it is right or not right? Even if (or especially if) what you are doing is an expression of who you are, especially if it comes from the heart, from an authentic place, why care if someone likes or doesn’t like what you did or what you like? 

Who are you really? Are you your actions? Or are you love that is being expressed through your actions? If you are the love and not the expression, doesn’t it hold that you have an unlimited amount of love and can tap into it anytime you want more? 

If there’s one thing worth doing on your planet, it’s discovering self-love... you forget your magnificence, and think you have to earn the right to be loved.
— Annie Kagan, author

When I attended a spiritual retreat a few years ago, I learned that love is infinite and abundant. There is a never-ending supply. It isn’t something you have by luck. It’s something you can create. Something that is always with you. Because you are love. Just the fact that you are a natural creation of this world is proof that you are love. 

We sat at the edge of the world & you asked me to tell you why & though a thousand things came to mind, underneath them all was a quiet voice saying, Because you remind me of everything there is in this world to love.
— Brian Andreas, Story People

When you are afraid to act, or do anything, remember that never-ending supply of love. You only have to choose to access it again. If there’s something that wants to work through you, let it work through you, through your heart, not through your fear. 

When we hold back our self-expression, it's because we think we are the person someone else likes, not who we are. Why do “they” get to decide who you are or if you are likable? 

If you are afraid that someone won’t like you for who you are, you won’t act like yourself. How much do you like yourself when you're fake? Why not be yourself rather than someone else? Wouldn’t you rather have someone like you for who you are than for who you are not? And if you are yourself and they don’t like you, how is that your problem? You’re just being yourself and they’re just being themselves. There’s nothing wrong. Just opinions. 

Be in love with your life. Every minute of it.
— Jack Kerouac

What if YOU liked you? What if you loved who you are? Would it then matter what anyone else thought of you? Would you feel less love because there’s someone who doesn’t love you as much as you love you? 

Brendon Burchard, coach and motivational speaker, makes a very good point. He says:

"There are higher odds that people will be OK with you versus reject you. So be yourself. One thousand people could storm the 14 oddballs who don't get you. Let your squad bring you strength. No matter the number, ask, 'Will I let a small few, those statistical anomalies among thousands, dictate the size of my future?' The answer should be no."

What if you were so filled with love for yourself that you didn’t need anyone else’s love to feel loved?

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

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Now I become myself