Pain Indicators

When I recently visited a massage therapist for my back pain, I realized that it's often not until we're in really bad pain that we look for ways to get rid of it. 

Many of us, however, tend to live with the pain for as long as possible before we actually take action. We either decide it's worth living with the pain, or we have enough indifference that we don't even think about checking in with what's really going on.

Pain is an indicator. Physical pain means we're out of alignment in our bodies. Mental or emotional pain means that our minds are not in alignment with our True Self, our heart's voice.

This video I created encourages you to take a moment to check in with how you're feeling. If there's a pain, what is it really telling you? What's the message you may be unwilling to hear?

This is my very first video like this. Please tell me what you think.

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