Appreciating the moment

Yesterday it snowed all day. Lightly in the morning and then wetter and heavier as the day went on. This morning, it's stopped and we probably have about 4 to 5 inches of snow on the ground. I can hear the snow blowers and shovelers outside. 

James is still in bed. I'm in the living room with the Christmas lights on, drinking Chai tea. 

I love these moments. Being snowed in, the house is warm, it's kind of dusky outside because the sun is hidden behind clouds. The light outside is this white, blue, gray color. Cold. Inside the light is yellow and warm. Comforting.

It's Saturday and there's nothing I have to do, no where I have to go. All feels like it's come to a pause, a stillness. Even the cats don't want to go outside. They have been sleeping a lot.

I feel I owe it to myself to get real quiet. Retreat, as it were. Stop doing so much and give myself time to reflect.

I often promise myself I will, but then I get caught up in feeling like I need to take action. Start an ambitious project. Finish incomplete ones. Not today. 

What are you appreciating?