The purpose of your life

The purpose of your life

When I was starting out in my coaching practice, I was unsure about my niche. It took me a while to figure out what particular issue I wanted to help people resolve. 

When I thought about all the possible problems in the world, I was overwhelmed by the choices. There are so many. 


Rather than looking at what people are struggling with and addressing each and every one, I decided to take the advice of Civil Rights leader and minister Howard Thurman, who famously said: 

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

So I looked at what makes me come alive and I realized it’s really what led me to coaching in the first place.

Back before I was coached by my first-ever coach, I was feeling a spiritual emptiness. I didn’t know who I was or what I was here to do or be. I found joy in so little.

Looking back, I now realize that there were two beliefs that created that feeling of emptiness. They were: 1) if you want to be with someone who loves you, you have to sacrifice your own needs, and 2) working in a job more often than not means doing things that you don't particularly like doing.

Luckily, there was a part of me that didn't believe either of these. There had to be a way for me to live a life of my choosing. One in which I determined what I did with my time and satisfied my own needs. I knew having that kind of freedom would be so exhilarating to me. The dream created a spark, and it pushed me forward. I had found my purpose.

It is this: to find a way to decide what I do with my time each day, so I can do what I love.

The deaths of my parents and my brother motivated me. They had died all within a span of 7 years when I was in my thirties. With mortality staring me in the face, I made the choice to change. I knew: life is too short to spend it not doing what I love.

It has taken me over a decade, but today I work from home, studying personal growth, reading, writing and running a coaching practice. 

My specialty as a coach is working with people who want to find their life purpose too, so that they can choose a career or start a venture that will allow them to live it. And not just for their own purpose, but so that they can come alive and share their spark with the rest of the world.


Dawson Church, health writer and researcher, recently sent to his email list a few questions and suggestions. I’d like to share what he wrote with you:

How clear are you about the purpose of your life? Can you state it in one sentence?

Is every day of your life so infused with purpose that you live with certainty, joy and serenity?

Knowing your life purpose is big. When you have this one figured out, the littler ones take care of themselves. 

But if you are unclear about your purpose, other things become more difficult. If you don’t have this one defined, you will struggle with the littler ones, feeling uncertainty and a lack of direction.

In a few weeks it will be 2018. Moving into the coming year with a clearly defined life purpose will change the whole way the year unfolds for you. So this is the time to get clear.

Start by writing these words in your personal journal: My life purpose is…

See what comes to you. It might reveal itself in a flash. It might be completely unclear. Just asking the question opens you to inspired answers. 

If you can, give yourself a few days to retreat. Whether you do this at home or by going away, that’s up to you. But, this is the invitation: Between now and January 1, let yourself be in the question. Journal, meditate, ask for guidance and open yourself to the highest possibilities for 2018.

Let them be magnificent!

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