Are you also on a Hero’s Journey? I think we all are.


my life could be broken down into four stages...

  1. Dream of being someone special, while not really knowing myself.

  2. Try being someone I'm not, while not feeling connected or honest.

  3. Cut myself loose from my former life in order to discover myself.

  4. Be who I really am, while taking enormous steps of courage to be authentic and true to myself.

If you were to break your story down, what would you see?

I love the story of the unsung hero.

One day I woke up in the middle of my life and I realized that if my life were a story in a book, no one would want to read it. I was not a hero overcoming all odds. I was a lost and confused character who didn't know who she was.

That doesn't sound like a hero. That's more of a victim. How would I get myself out of this feeling, this pain of being out of sync with everything important to me: my career, my relationships, my view of myself, my dreams? How would I heal the pain of realizing I had failed myself? How could I feel whole and fulfilled?

The best thing about failure is that you always have another chance to try again. I decided to never again let myself down. I started over from scratch, left my marriage, patched up important relationships, ended others, and eventually left my job. I did a lot of soul-searching work on myself.

Two wonderful things happened. First, I discovered life coaching. That led to a few years of coaching others who sought fulfilling careers. While it was rewarding work, it still wasn't quite the right fit for me, and I struggled to make ends meet. Second, I found the best man I could hope to have in my life and I married him.

A new corner turned, I am open to a life that is nothing less than amazing. I'm done with the default, with an average life, with the pain of not feeding my soul with purposeful and rewarding work.

This story is far from over. See what I'm up to lately.