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Someone once said: “If you want to know yourself really well, start a business.”

But what if you start a business, based on a passion, knowing what you want to do, and then… you’re struggling.  Somehow you’re not reaching the customers you need to, or they don’t seem to value what you have to offer. 


In today’s market, how you communicate is important. It’s all about story telling, what I call “heart marketing.” Your customers are looking for those unique stories that ring true and show your passion and caring. That’s how they connect to you and your unique brand.

How to do that? There are three phases:


1. Find your story

This is about knowing who you are. What ignites you? What do you believe in? What is true? What makes you unique? What brought you to this point? What was hard about it? Discover or re-discover your company’s DNA. This is the who, what, where, why and how of your business.


2. craft your story

Our heart-based stories give us a strong sense of purpose and identity. They become the North Star of everything we do. They share a human struggle and triumph. They are true. Having a strong story to share creates a feeling of confidence and a reason to feel valued.


3. share your story

Sharing the story in small bite-size deliverables helps you to establish meaningful connections. Often what you’ll see is that it is your customers who have the stories. They are willing to share theirs because you were willing to share yours. Now you are having a conversation together.


Communicate your authenticity
to grow customer loyalty.


who I work with

Big-hearted businesses, small or large, that want a great relationship with their customers.

Coaches, of any flavor (e.g., life, career, leadership, health), who are ready to leave the writing and marketing to someone who gets it, has been there, and done that.

Freelancers, creatives and other solopreneurs, who have better things to do and don’t have the time for posting to Facebook or Twitter, let alone writing a blog post or newsletter.

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a little bit about me

I have almost 20 years of experience as a professional writer and communicator. ❤︎ For 10 years I did communications for the IT department at MIT. ❤︎ I speak fluent Dutch and English and am well-versed in 'geek-speak.’ ❤︎ I live in the greater Boston area, just over the NH border. ❤︎ I’ve run two home-based businesses including two years as a life coach. ❤︎ I love everything related to writing, telling stories and personal growth.

My story.